G1 Tactical Training

G1 Tactical course in Nairobi, Kenya. This was just a portion of the entire course. Other modules were technical and tactical firearms, combat medicine and edged/impact weapons training.

We are the missing link

Edge-Link Consult Ltd is a fully fledged private investigation, security and safety services agency, based in Nairobi Kenya operating within the greater East African region. We will also provide you with a valuable source of information and support that’s easily accessible.

With our expertise derived from years of experience serving within the security forces in the region, Edge-Link Consult is your safest bet for security and safety related services. Our services are unmatched within the region, and the most tried and tested. If you require assistance with any investigative matter, or security related issue, Edge-Link Consult is here to assist.

Our Services

Edge-Link Consult provides a variety of safety and security related services. Our products are tailored to meet the highest international standards with the priority being on client well being.

  • Mobile Security
  • Training
  • Executive (VIP) Protection
  • Private Client Services
  • Background Screening
  • Facility and Asset Protection
  • Private Investigations
  • Business Intelligence
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • K9 Security Services
  • Tracing & Tracking Services

Our Clients

Security & Safety Services

Edge Link Consult provides general protection and investigative services for private and corporate clients in the areas of close protection services, security advisories, pre-employment screening, public records search, child molestation and exploitation investigations, misappropriation of information and counter industrial espionage, corporate intelligence gathering, product counterfeiting, pre-trial preparation, witness location, witness statements, video and audio surveillance. We also provide security surveys for commercial and residential facilities.

We have extensive and practical knowledge of the Kenyan and Regional Law system and are fully conversant with the aspects of obtaining proof of evidences and litigation support. We have a proven history of providing expert and outstanding investigative services to individual, industrial and commercial clients. Our investigation team operates on the highest professional standards and aims to provide a tailored solution to every assignment undertaken.


We provide services of utmost confidentiality and respect to the client’s needs, particularly in areas that require discretion and good judgement outside normal courses of procedure.

  • Domestic Abuse - We carry out investigations on child molestation and exploitation.
  • Pre-Employment screening - Applicant screening and background checks on existing employees and third party vendors that have access to customer information is be the best remedy to white collar/financial crimes, internal theft, misappropriation of information and violation of corporate rules. We are also able to access criminal databases to assist in the clients’ hiring process.
  • Location of people and witnesses
  • Public records search.
  • Competitive Intelligence - Commercial Business Intelligence works on an extremely confidential basis. Edge-Link Consult will contract only one client in any single technology or business category, avoiding conflicts of interest. We practice full disclosure.
  • Mole-Hunting - Investigation of leakages of highly sensitive commercial information.


A good majority of the Kenyan and Regional population currently faces the threat of Insecurity. Not only is the current security apparatus in these countries grossly inadequate, but there are also a significant number of grey areas on how to tackle insecurity and danger in the individual and corporate world. In addition, the current security firms are specialized in facility and money protection. This leaves a niche for Close Protection services. Edge-Link Consult ensures the safety and security of the principal, safeguarding him/her from harm and from situations likely to endanger his/her person or liberty, as well as protection from harassment or embarrassment. It involves obtaining, organizing and checking highly confidential information, liaising with the national and local authorities and maintaining at all times strict confidentiality about any matters relating to the principal, his/her family and/or his office. Investigations and performance of regular threat assessments is paramount. From these assessments recommendations are made for all necessary protection measures. We ensure their effective coordination and implementation.


Electronic eavesdropping has now been with us for many years. But, only recently has it been universally acknowledged for the terrible threat it is. With so little police manpower and facilities available to oppose the determined eavesdropper, the odds remain strongly stacked in his/her favour. The primary purpose of our Counter-Surveillance services has always been for the communication security of our clients. The huge rise in the number of illegal eavesdropping devices in the hands of individuals, firms and governments is probably a reflection of the steady decline of ethics in business and personal relationships. Leaks of confidential information such as new sales strategies, bid amounts, marketing plans, customer lists, product formulae, etc can easily cost small companies tens of thousands of dollars.

Professional K9 Security Services

Welcome to Edge-Link Consult Limited K9 Unit, experts in bomb detection, sniffer dogs, security dog patrols and dog handler training. Our experienced professional dog handlers provide contract and emergency cover for the private sector, public services, government and international security agencies within East and Central Africa. We provide drug and bomb sniffing dogs and / or security patrol dog & handler teams for any event or location - Our highly motivated staff and disciplined K9 teams are on hand to provide exactly the right response every time!.

In the current security climate within East and Central Africa, the use of explosive detection dogs or sniffer dogs is becoming increasingly more in demand from many industry sectors. The benefits of utilizing Sniffer Dogs (sometimes called Bomb Dogs) to increase the protection of your staff and premises are tangible in that that they are effective, efficient and extremely versatile. If you are considering utilizing explosive detection dogs to increase the security of your premises, Edge-Link K9 Security will provide you with the highest caliber of detection teams. Furthermore, to combat increasingly sophisticated threats, we consistently develop and implement unique and highly effective methods such as bomb detection and sniffer dog training techniques that our customers rely on.

In addition we also offer comprehensive training courses including drugs detection dogs, explosives detection dogs, security dogs and security guard training.

When you contact Edge-Link K9 we respond quickly and discreetly. A member of the senior management team and search dog team will discuss your requirements in confidence and provide a survey to confirm the level of support you require from our guard/explosive detection teams. Having established your requirements we can refine our training for both sniffer dog and handler providing a tailored solution for your business – Security as it should be. Our Guard/ explosives detection teams will be deployed as soon as possible to ensure the protection you need is in place.

Our K9 detection teams provide sniffer dog solutions for almost any environment such as:
  • High Security Government Installations
  • Critical Infrastructure such as power generating plants, water dams, oil rigs, areas of national heritage.
  • Learning Institutions such as schools, colleges, universities
  • Mail room facilities
  • Cargo areas
  • Screening and filtration facilities
  • Vehicles
  • Public areas and people.
  • Additionally we can deliver solutions to screen large and dense items that are unable go through X-ray screening machines.


We offer consultancy services in the application of security devices and systems to deter, detect and delay unauthorized access to facilities and information. These include but are not limited to CCTV surveillance, security lighting, access controls, magnetometers (metal detectors), intrusion detection systems, explosive detectors, danger notification systems, badge and identification systems, biometrics and package screening equipment.


  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • High profile house parties

Other Services

  • Private Investigations
  • Training Services
  • Security Surveys
  • Doorman Consultancy Services

CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV surveillance systems play an important role in fighting and preventing local and international crime, as well as serve as an extra eye in your home or office.

Edge-Link Consult Ltd provides the best prices on Platinum CCTV security cameras, Standalone DVRs, PC Based DVR Cards and CCTV camera accessories. We also provide the level of support that is needed to help you get your home or business security camera system set-up and functioning. Each of our home and business CCTV Security camera systems now come with a full video DVD showing you each step of the installation process. We know that everyone is not a security expert, so our systems are designed to help you quickly get your system set up and running.

We believe strongly in providing great pricing on our security camera systems.

We provide both permanent installations and have a new service where we hire cctv surveillance systems for events. This not only provides effective security coverage for functions but also impacts on reducing security budgets for security guards for one-off events.

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